Your target is: Select target!


Use the Mouse to design a path.

Move the (A) and (B) markers around to define start and end points.

Map editor

Click PLAY and watch your design become a playable level.


Projections will attack you if you seem suspicious. Blend in by walking (Hold SHIFT). FemaleMale
If detected, you can hide in highlighted locations. Trigger
Time left to complete a map is displayed on this clock. Timer

The end point is only accessible once all keys have been collected.


Press and hold W, A, S, D to run. Controls
Use the mouse to look around. Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel or + and -. Mouse
Press Escape to access the menu. Escape
Press the Space Bar to access the map. Space
Hold Shift to walk and decrease suspicion. Shift


Plus symbols add to your health. Run out of health and you must retry. Health
Two pieces of paper must be collected before you reach the end point. Keys
Tops increase your score. Top


Minimap Extractor (this is you, the player) Player
END Point Exit point
Projection Civilian

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Create an asset, which your friends will try to extract.

Target your friends and other players to extract their hidden assets.

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